PRE-SCHOOL thrilled to receive £250 from Co-op after struggling to buy equipment.

Rudloe Pre-school in Corsham have got the donation as part of Co-op's community 2022 plan to help the community.

Manager of the pre-school Ally Selby said: "Initially we contacted Co-op about donations for our raffle in December so from there they told us about their scheme.

"It was amazing to get the donation. We're very grateful for that as we're only a little charity pre-school so its hard to get sponsors.

"We were going to close as our last place was having building work so we're very lucky to have found the football club. People may not be aware that we're still open as we only managed to get this place at short notice.

"We hire the hall so we have to put all the equipment away everyday. So we would like to get foldable tables and equipment.

"It's a big relief to find new premises and nice for the community that we could keep going.

Store manager for Castle Combe, Robbie Philips said: "The reason the Co-op have supported the Pre-School with this donation is because we felt it fitted with the Co-op new community plan."

Donation must fit within their three themes of their new community plan co-operate 2022 that includes spaces, wellbeing and skills.