POLICE were called and pupils were kept in their classrooms for their safety during a serious incident at Lawn Manor Academy this morning.

Headteacher Sandra Muir said in a letter sent out to parents and carers: "We had a serious incident with a pupil that required us to call for police assistance.

"This is of course a very rare procedure but is part of our emergency response should a situation require it.

"I made a judgement call to do this for the safety of all staff and pupils and at no point was the safety of anyone in jeopardy.

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"Keeping the pupils in classrooms ensured that the situation was dealt with quickly and appropriately and also respected the privacy of the pupil involved."

One worried parent told the Adver that her child had texted her saying a pupil was walking around with a knife, though the school denied this claim.

Ms Muir added: "Please be assured that this is a very unusual situation and the safety measures put in place this morning ensured that it was dealt with appropriately.

"The safety of all pupils is of paramount importance at Lawn Manor Academy."

Ms Muir later confirmed to the Adver: "No knife of any kind or weapon was involved in the incident."