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Remembrance thanks from a veteran

I had the pleasure of attending the Remembrance Sunday Service at the cenotaph, Regents Circus on the 10th November 2019.

The service was excellent and excellently organised by all those concerned.

I would like to say thank you to the Royal British Legion and the Swindon cabbies again for laying on taxis to collect people from their homes and returning them to their homes, myself included, from Regents Circus.

Finally, I served in the Royal Air Force for three years followed by twenty five years in the Air Force Department Fire Service MOD Air and loved every minute of it.

So it was great to see all the various cadet forces on parade.

Because they are our Armed Forces of the future and they did a great job.

Well done!

RJ Preston, Wroughton

Borders and walls still cause dismay

On Saturday 9th November, many people around the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

On the same day we read that there are sixty five walls/borders around the world separating countries.

We wonder if all those who were celebrating thirty years ago and last Saturday, the 9th, are as dismayed as we both are that so many borders are still enforced and therefore stopping freedom of movement and people fleeing wars, poverty, etc in search of a better life.

Mark and Martin Webb, Old Town, Swindon

Hospital staff parking costs mean a pay cut

Disappointed to read that GWH staff are still paying to park at their place of work.

After previous correspondence on this subject over many years nothing has changed.

Employees of Tesco, Sainsbury, Honda, BMW etc do not pay to park at their place of employment.

Why should the GWH staff?

A huge share, over a third, of the GWH parking charges over the 12 months to April 2019 have been generated from staff parking.

Surely this is in fact a pay reduction for staff that work at GWH.

Things need to change and quickly.

Shirley and Mike Pickett, Ermin Street, Swindon

1960s life not so great

Once again we have a letter from Stephen Halden not quite being truthful.

No homeless in the 1960’s. Not true all one has to do is listen to the Ralph McTell song Streets of London written in 1969 about the homeless in England to realise that homelessness was here well before the EU.

There is a lot of evidence that homelessness has been around since medieval times and probably before. One need only to find out the true facts for themselves not take my word for it. Information is readily available out there. The Brexit Party are great at using false statements as propaganda and hope enough people believe these as true.

Another claim he often has made is that all was rosy because Harold McMillan said you have never had it so good.

This actually was made to a group of disgruntled Tory MP’s who were complaining about the state of the country. Check these for yourselves as I said and also look at the real reason why there are not enough homes.

Pasquale Mazzotta, Eastcott Hill

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