Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson and Wiltshire High Sheriff David Scott visited youth development scheme The Platform Project in Swindon.

Earlier this year, the scheme was awarded a £3,000 grant by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner from money raised through the sale of unclaimed property.

These funds allowed the organisation to move to bigger, more fit-for-purpose offices earlier this month and will enable them to engage and inspire more local young people aged 13 to 23.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "One of the benefits of the scheme is that young people who may have otherwise left the education system taking are now taking college courses or exploring further education opportunities.

"The Platform Project offers a range of activities to young people, including website design, upcycling furniture, jewellery making, t-shirt and mug printing, as well as a whole host of various media related skills.

"The variety of entrepreneurial skills offered are intended to help build the attendees confidence as well as helping to improve their longer-term employability."

The young team create website content, a printed magazine called #idare, a blog and social media accounts aimed at covering topics relevant and important to other young people.

They are supported by volunteers experienced in these areas.