HEALTH secretary Matt Hancock has accepted that Swindon has a problem with recruiting enough GPs.

He admitted that Great Western Hospital A&E waits need to be fixed’.

The hospital has recently had a rise in demand which resulted in patients in A&E waiting for more than 18 hours for a bed.

Here's what you had t o say on Facebook.

Andy Millin: “How convenient that they realise the issues two to three years after they’ve been highlighted and just in time for election propaganda.”

Adam Poole: “When is the Adver going to start asking Buckland some real questions like what are the Tories hiding in the Russian report and why is Buckland supporting the outcome of the Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum? That was based on lies and broke the law, indeed the part of that campaign run by Johnson, Cummings and Gove is still under criminal investigation. This is particularly important given that Buckland used to be a judge in a criminal court.”

Daisy Fisher-Mansell: “How convenient they start emerging from their pits when the election is looming. It’s too little too late.”

Phil Baker: “It is sad that the minister was not fully challenged on how his department failed to act swiftly on the IMH debacle. No doubt they went gently because it was a private company. Is he prepared to apologise for his failures to the thousands of patients who suffered because of him not doing his job?”

Kerrie Ball: “Our NHS is in a terrible mess because of their deep cuts. Now we’re seeing our walk-in clinics close down because of it and longer waiting times. It can sometimes take up to a month to see our doctors, yet as soon as an election is on the cards they act like they care.”

Amjad Qazi: “They have deliberately crippled our NHS by underfunding. It’s the same party that is owned and controlled by billionaires. They make promises to fix the system that they destroyed in the last nine years. Only a fool or a gullible person will fall for them for a forth time.”

Ben Fiocca: “People should forget about Brexit for a moment. Nine years they’ve been in. I voted for them each time agreeing that we needed to cut back a bit due to the crash but it has gone on way too far. Just look at the figures today at the record waiting times for patients, two months for cancer treatment for goodness sake. I’m not a fan of Corbyn but at least Labour will try to do the right thing. Never thought I’d ever say that, the Tories have gone way too far.”

Terri Self: “I have worked for our local hospital for years. It is clearly underfunded, but also currently too small for our ever growing population. Just look at the new housing estates, thousands of houses and hospitals and they never have one extra bed space.”

Mike R Jones: “They all really care about the people when elections are coming up, but then again, a vote will never get you what you want.”

Keith Larkworthy: “They’ve had nine years to fix it and they have failed.”

Martin Costello: “As usual, the poor overstretched NHS is being used as a beating stick. Buckland has dodged a bullet now the Brexit Party has put the country before its party. He’s a very lucky man indeed. My message to him and Tomlinson is clear, either we leave the rotten EU or you will leave Westminster. You will not get a third chance.”

Andrew Penfold: “No political party seems to have a clue and yet they all promise so much.”

Graham Philpot: “Well done Hancock for stating the obvious. Now all he needs do is tell us why he caused the issues in the first place.”

Simon Cousens: “I have no words. They are useless.”