THIEVES stole a shopper's purse while their victim was browsing the shelves in Aldi.

A man and women waited for the shopper to become distracted while in the Aldi on Hobley Drive on November 11 at around 9.50am.

They then stole her purse which contained bank cards, gift cards, cash and other personal belongings.

CCTV released by Wiltshire Police shows the pair taking the purse and a man withdrawing cash from the Abbey Meads Aldi's cash machine later that morning.

Further footage from the store shows the same pair watching another elderly shopper before leaving empty-handed.

Police believe the two people pictured are also responsible for an attempted theft of a purse at an Aldi store in Melksham back in September.

PC Pedro Wiltshire from Swindon North Community Policing Team said: "CCTV from the store shows the pair deliberately targeted the victim, reaching into her bag and stealing the purse, while she was shopping.

"We would like to warn all shoppers to be extra careful and be aware that handbag dippers have been successfully operating in the area.

"Please make sure your handbag is secure and your purse is in a zipped-up compartment, keeping it either on you or in your sight at all time.

"Handbag dippers are opportunists so make it difficult for them."

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 immediately.