A CHEATING husband was said to have given his wife gonorrhoea after visiting a Commercial Road brothel.

The extraordinary report was part of evidence handed to Swindon magistrates by police applying to have the Oriental Healthy Massage parlour shut down.

Justices made the three-month closure order banning anyone from entering the Commercial Road premises.

It followed a raid on November 13 when two naked men were found in the brothel together with two women and a large amount of cash. 

In papers presented to the court, Swindon town centre officer PC Paul Bezzant said: “The males were both reluctant to explain their attendance at the premises and explained that the females had undressed them.”

One of the women was arrested on suspicion of being in control of a brothel and money laundering. She has since been released under investigation. PC Mike Diffin told magistrates it was not suggested that the other woman, who has since gone to stay with her boyfriend on the south coast, had been coerced into working at the brothel.

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The brothel that has been sealed up by magistrates Picture: ADVER PHOTOGRAPHER

History of the 'brothel'

Police had previously visited the business on July 8, they found a duvet in which had been stuffed a dozen used condoms.

In October, they had an intelligence report suggesting a man had contracted gonorrhoea after visiting the brothel and had subsequently passed the disease on to his wife. 

When she recognised the signs she challenged her partner, who was forced to admit his infidelity.

This Is Wiltshire:

PC Paul Bezzant

PC Diffin said only a full closure order would be sufficient to protect the women working at the property. The letting company through which the property was rented was supportive of the application. 

Backing the police’s application for the order, Swindon borough commander Supt Adrian Burt said: “I have a responsibility to protect the females and males attending the address and other businesses within the locality. 

“Having reviewed the available evidence this application is necessary to afford them protection and enable them to live a life free from intimidation, fear and threats of violence.”

Pop-up brothels on the rise

Sexual exploitation officer PC Kara Peet said: “Wiltshire has recently seen a rise in massage parlours that are being run by Chinese nationals and we have recently closed down several brothels in the Wiltshire area that were being used by a nationwide organised crime group of Chinese men and women. 

“With an organised crime group on this scale as soon as one location is closed down another one opens and the women are moved around. I find particularly with Chinese brothels that the women are extremely frightened and are often in a lot of debt back home.”

The county was seeing a growing number of brothels popping up, Wiltshire Police said.