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Smoke and mirrors to protect the monarchy

Self-preservation has always been the first priority of every monarch there’s ever been.

Whenever there is a bad story about Prince Andrew the Queen ferrets about in her bottom drawer and gives him another gong.

When the Jeffrey Epstein revelations first broke out she invested Andrew as a Knight Grand Cross of the Victorian Order.

Andrew is ‘stepping back’ (not stepping down) from his public duties.

His decision to step back is more smoke and mirrors to protect the image of the monarchy.

Like his brother, Prince Charles, who has his own record of poor judgement, Andrew will continue to be effectively beyond real accountability.

Suzanne Moore said in the Guardian recently: “Andrew wasn’t just a bad apple; he comes from a royal orchard of them. It’s time Britain matured as a republic.”

Is it not curious that the Commons do not discuss the royal family, unless it is to praise them?

An anti-democratic straightjacket.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

Brexit drive will get rid of climate legislation

I BELONG to no political party but am an interested observer of the current political situation.

Boris Johnson is using Brexit as a fig leaf to conceal the fact he is ignoring the global climate crisis. Bearing in mind the Tory party dependency on Russian funding this is not surprising. Vladimir Putin’s Russia’s primary exports are oil and gas, fossil fuels. It is very interesting that Russia’s other puppet, Donald Trump, is also a climate change denier.

The link between prominent Brexiteers like Nigel Lawson, who also vehemently deny there is climate crisis, is very informative.

A big part of the pro-Brexit drive is get rid of regulation, much of it is directed at environmental legislation.

They not only don’t support action on climate change, they want to undo the little that has been done.

Use your vote to protect your children and grandchildren’s future!

Andrew Milroy, Bellefield Crescent, Trowbridge

Seeking animal fur ban across the country

Conceived as an alternative to Black Friday, Fur-Free Friday is a time when people all around the UK – and elsewhere – who care about animals will be out in force to inform shoppers about the cruel fur industry, in which animals are beaten, electrocuted, and sometimes skinned alive.

Outreach efforts like these are making a difference!

A poll found that 95 per cent of British people refuse to wear animal fur, and most designers, retailers, and high-profile individuals – including the Queen – have turned their backs on the vile, bloody stuff.

Still, more needs to be done.

The Fur-Free Britain campaign – which seeks an animal-fur sales ban in the UK – is fast picking up steam: over 600,000 Brits, including MPs from all parties, have supported the initiative. If you haven’t yet signed the petition, do so today at

Elisa Allen, Director, PETA UK

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