A budding author in the mould of David Walliams is thriving in writing and entertaining his friends at Melksham Oak Community School.

Alfie Farmer, 11, a Year 7 pupil at Melksham Oak, is already writing stories and comic books and is planning a career as a writer when he's older.

The big fan of JK Rowling and David Walliams has written two comics, The Fly Man and Jolt, about 200 words each, and plans to write many more.

One of his favourite books he has written is called Glitch; a fictional story where a woman is brought back to life after dying.

Alfie said: “I have been writing for about a year and am doing more since I came to Melksham Oak, because I really enjoy it.”

Alan Henderson, the school's new principal, who joined in September, said: “We are absolutely delighted that students such as Alfie are enjoying their time at our school and doing the things which they really enjoy. Alfie is clearly a passionate writer and loves literacy.”