Judging by all the photos on social media over the weekend, many of you have already got your Christmas decorations up and trees adorned with baubles and lights.

But, it's easy to get carried away with festive spirit and fill your home with decorations to up its Christmassy feel.

To help, we've put together some tips thanks to the team at Duette, to avoid these Christmas mishaps.

Don’t go overboard (unless Santa's grotto is your theme) 🎅

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes people feel the need to cover every empty space in some sort of tribute to Santa Claus.

It is easy to get caught up in the Christmas excitement, but ultimately, whatever side you fall on, you want your home to still look like your home with Christmas elements woven into it.

Along with the Christmas tree and the lights both inside and outside the house, a good thing to do is infuse a poinsettia planet or twinkling lights on the banister to really give your home a subtle Christmas feeling.

Don't forget how big your house is 🎄

Picture this: the whole family has gone Christmas tree shopping to try and embrace the Christmas spirit, you have found and bought your dream tree and you have managed to take it home.. only to find out it is too big for the space you’d allocated in your home, or worse – it’s too tall for the room you want it in.

Don’t eyeball it and decide it will fit because, more often than not, your assumptions will be wrong. Be sure to measure the area before you go shopping to avoid the disappointment and wasted money.

Remember how annoying it is to untangle those lights 😩

You know all too well the stress that can be felt in every household when Christmas lights aren’t packed away properly and get tangled, taking forever to unravel, or the bulbs break because they weren’t put away safely.

Take the time to carefully take your decorations down and pack them away ensuring they’re easy to unravel and use the following year – you might be in a rush to pack Christmas away, but don’t make your life harder the following year.

It's not all about appearance 🕯 🍎

Cinnamon, cranberry and apple are all smells that signify Christmas and will really help step up the festive feels in your home. More often than not, you will put all of your time into decorations and making your home look Christmassy, but it is equally as important to get the smells right.

Try and put some pots of cinnamon and other fragrant Christmassy goods around the home to really ramp up the festive feelings. Mulled wine will also bring a great Christmas smell to your home, but it goes without saying that this is for the over 18s only.