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Double standards

Robert Buckland reports the vandalism of his campaign poster to the police (SA, November 26) yet when it comes to the vandalism of our democracy caused by the Leave campaign driving a coach and horses through both electoral law and data protection, he ignores this and helps them to achieve their goals.

As well as reflecting upon his hypocrisy over this issue, as Buckland was secretary of state for justice and Lord Chancellor, and therefore responsible for the upholding the law in this country, perhaps he should also reflect on how his effective support for that is undermining the rule of law in this country.

Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton


I AM not American. But I owe my freedom to America.

Britain owes her freedom to America and so does the vast majority of Europe – not once, but twice. We should never forget it. And neither should Jeremy Corbyn.

Europe’s soil is stained with the blood of American soldiers who fought for the freedom of democracy, decency and the rights of human beings threatened, conquered and imprisoned in death camps by Hitler’s Nazis.

The fighting over, America poured in yet more resources to pull a stricken continent to her feet and stand against the tide of communism, poised to engulf hapless Europe. In today’s money America gave nearly $100 billion to this cause, of which about 26 per cent came to Britain.

Since America has done so much to prevent the spread of communism in Europe I am not surprised at ‘New Labour’s’ anti-American rhetoric. My sense of security and safety is shaken to the very core at the thought of Corbyn in Downing Street.

Already the US have said they will be unable to share security secrets with a Corbyn government and we live in a country facing a ‘substantial threat’ from terrorism. Looking at a Corbyn government we are staring into the eyes of those who have forgotten their friends, their brothers in arms and turned from our strongest ally to the clutches of the far distant left.

Is there no gratitude with Mr Corbyn? Is there no shame? Does he not know that, but for the intervention of America, he would not be leading the opposition party in a democratic nation?

A dangerous world may be about to become yet more dangerous.

Jack Whiteside, Marlborough Road, Swindon

All too predictable

Having watched Question Time from Swindon on Thursday night, I was left wondering how long it took to hand-pick the people in the audience responsible for asking such predictable political questions.

Of the panel, only the two non-political people made any effort to offer understandable answers.

Had the audience waited a couple more weeks, they could have watched a pantomime at the Wyvern Theatre instead?

B Newman, Westlea, Swindon

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