POSTCODES beginning with the letter S are most likely to win the People’s Postcode Lottery's £1,000 draw, according to new research.

Analysis of the 2019 winners by housing agent Sell House Fast revealed this and other top lottery stats.

Wiltshire as a whole was the fifth-most common region to win the £30,000 draw in the UK, with four lucky lottery players around the region bagging the prizes earlier this year.

The area did not appear near the top of the list for most likely regions for winners of the £3 million draw - but three Toothill families got lucky in May.

Among the 597 winning players in Toothill, Freshbrook and Rushey Platt who shared the £3m Monthly Millions prize pot, the majority went to a trio of households on Wallingford Close who each took home £353,547.

Laura Chow, head of charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, said at the time: “It’s not just winners who have their lives changed with People’s Postcode Lottery. Thanks to funding raised by our players, a number of local charities in and around Swindon that work at the grass-roots level have received funding to do fantastic work supporting the community.

"From providing services to improve patients’ experience in hospital, to enhancing conservation efforts, these projects are making a real difference.”

Yorkshire had the luckiest postcodes for the top prize draw this year, while Greater Manchester had the most winners for the £30k draw.