A BUS shelter mistakenly built in a Swindon cycle lane is still in position six months later.

Neil Allington first noticed it while he was riding his bike along Marlborough Road earlier this year.

Since then the 58-year-old has been contacting Swindon Borough Council to try and get it relocated.

Neil, of Haydon Wick, said: “It’s just stupid because who on earth would put a bus shelter in a cycle lane?

“The council has been very poor and tardy about doing anything about it.

"Why has it taken six months to do something? They’re dilly dallying around.”

The shelter was built along Marlborough Road between Great Western Hospital and the Coate Water roundabout at the beginning of June.

Neil contacted the council asking why it was in the cycle lane and if its location could be changed.

The authority told him by email that it was surprised and angered to find that the shelter had been placed there in error rather than on the grass verge as planned.

Neil was then told in October that the issue had been passed to the appropriate department and that he will be contacted with an update.

But a frustrated Neil told the Adver: “I use the lane five times a week for leisure and I can’t fathom why it has taken so long for anything to be done.

“My concern is around any cyclists riding in the lane and going towards the shelter because the pedestrians might not know where to go.

"I’ve had a few incidents where the pedestrian doesn’t know where to go. There could be an accident.”

The council says it is working on a date for the bus shelter to be moved out of the cycle lane.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately the bus shelter was installed in the wrong place by a third-party contractor.

“However, we have agreed to move it back on to the walkway and we are currently waiting for a date for when this can happen.”