FORMER St John’s pupil Thomas Gray has said he does not think of himself as a hero after helping to disarm terrorist Usman Khan on London Bridge.

The 23-year-old, who grew up in Marlborough and played for the town’s rugby club, has told how he stamped on Khan’s wrist.

He said: “He was wielding two knives, one was sort of duct taped to his hand.

“Someone kicked the knife away and then after that, the police armed response were really, really quick. They got there almost instantaneously.”

He was then told by police that the attacker was wearing a bomb vest, which later proved to be a fake.

Thomas said: “We saw the guy get shot a couple of times and then hit the deck.”

It was later revealed that Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, had been stabbed to death by Khan at a prisoner rehabilitation event.

But when Thomas and his friend Stevie Hurst, who both work as tour guides, appeared on ITV’s This Morning they said they were not heroes but just people who wanted to help after seeing the commotion on the bridge.

Thomas said: “Stevie and I just thought what to do and just kind of ran towards it, left the cars where they were, and then tried to do our best to apprehend the suspect.”

His actions won praise from his former coach at Marlborough Rugby Club, who has known him since he was a young boy.

Mike Barnfield said: “He was very brave and everyone at the club I have spoken to thinks he is a hero.

"I was very impressed that he ran into a dangerous situation like that.

"It is amazing really. Very selfless.”

Mr Barnfield, who also coached Thomas’s sister Imogen and brother Sam, said that the whole family including his father Adrian and mother Tracie were involved when the children were young.