LABOUR members held a demonstration outside Trowbridge Hospital.

The protest came amid fears the NHS will be privatised should the Conservatives win the general election.

South West Wiltshire candidate Emily Pomroy-Smith was there to support.

She said: “This hospital is always under threat, especially the maternity unit, which is a worry. But these facilities are essential.

“Westbury has no facilities so West Wilts is in a black hole as our nearest place is so far away. In rush hour it can take hours and its so expensive.

“It’s not from lack of trying. The staff are trying their best but it’s lack of resources. Everyone is feeling the pressure.”

Dan Gmaj, community activist said: “We’re raising awareness of the truths put by the opposition as their are huge issues in every area.There is a clear indication to sell and distribute the NHS.”

Campaign officer Tony Free said: “No one seems to take any notice so we need to put it right under their noses. The conditions are overworked for NHS workers, it’s a disgrace.

“They keep cutting things and replacing things then boasting about it.

“The staff didn’t join a company they joined a service. So there is no room for profit-making companies within the NHS.”

In response to this, South West Wilts candidate Andrew Murrison, Conservative member said: "£34 billion in extra funding has gone into our NHS meaning funding is now at record levels.

"That's enabled a record numbers of doctors and nurses, record NHS activity and record healthcare outcomes, getting us towards where we should be compared with other European countries.

"Our long term NHS plan is the largest cash settlement in the history of the NHS.

"Meanwhile we're having to unpick Labour's disastrous NHS private finance initiatives, the consequences of the economic mess it left us and its bare faced lies about selling off the NHS.

"Its a shame Labour isn't welcoming the new and refurbished hospitals we've announced together with 50 million extra GP appointments, and new scanners to improve cancer outcomes, including in our area."