STUNNED Tom McGrath has told of his delight a finding a super-sized Hula Hoop.

Now the eight-year-old hopes it will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tom discovered the huge snack when his mum Sarah, 48, gave him crisps after school.

She bought the pack from the Coop at High Street in Old Town.

Tom told the Adver: “When I saw it, I was quite shocked and then I showed my mum and my dad and they were really surprised.

“I was tempted to eat it but it’s lucky that I didn’t because then it would have been gone for good.”

Two hours after discovering it he rushed to football practice to tell his friend about the crisp and he couldn’t believe it.

And this isn’t the first time Tom has discovered a funny looking Hula Hoop.

Tom, who goes to Croft Primary, said: “I’ve seen some before that were funny shapes and different sizes.

"You can get some quite often that are double the size they should be but they’ve never been as big as this one.”

His dad Fergal, 48, thinks it could be a world record and described it as ‘a whopper’.

Fergal said: “Guinness might be interested, but KP actually make them so I will drop them an email too and maybe we will hear back from them.”

For now Tom is keeping it in a sealed bag to see if it's a record. If not, he might sell it on Ebay.

Fergal said: “We were thinking crazy things like it could be a Guinness World Record. I’ve got two Guinness World Records and so I emailed the guys I know to see if it really is.”

He secured one for driving around Europe in a Honda Civic doing 100 miles per gallon.

The second was in a Honda Jazz travelling 840 miles at 95 miles per gallon.

Hula Hoops are produced by KP, a business founded in1853 by Charles Kenyon but started making crisps in the 1940s.

The popular snack launched in 1973.