The local plan also sets out what's expected from builders in terms of design and size of all sorts of developments.

If flats are being built, firms are told they must try and avoid 'single aspect' units - ones that only have one outside wall. If that can't be avoided, that single aspect must not face north, to allow the occupant as much daylight as possible.

There are new parking standards as well - houses in the town centre needn't have any car spaces provided, in the rest of the town the standard is one car space for every two bedrooms and in rural areas, one space per bedroom.

There will be restrictions in the plan on the siting of betting shops, pubs and bars, payday loan shops and hot food takeaways. This is to make it easier to refuse permission for such things near schools, or routes to schools.

Plans to convert parts or all of out-of-town shopping parks into housing will be supported, as long as the plan meets other policies, as it is felt changing patterns of shopping will reduce the need for such retail parks in the next decade and more.