A woman in Westbury has raised more than £1,500 to help treat a stray cat called Martha that has been injured.

Elena Barnard, 27, of High Street, Westbury, launched the GoFundMe appeal after finding the stray white tabby cat had been badly hurt.

Elena said: "When I moved into my house I noticed a stray cat that lived in the bins. It was nervous, unfriendly and didn't belong to anyone.

"My partner, Alex, came home one evening and found she was limping on her left front leg.

"We took her to Vets4Pets in Warminster where they said she had been subjected to blunt force and had nerve damage in her leg.

"She also had a crackly noise in her shoulder, which they think may be broken, and she has facial trauma and some broken teeth.

"The vets believe she has been subjected to a trauma caused by blunt force similar to being kicked.

"The vets said she has been subjected to some form of attack. We can't prove anything but if that's the case it is tremendously sad."

The Cats-in-Distress welfare charity in Frome has covered the initial consultation by Vets4Pets but Elena has been forced to appeal for donations to cover any further treatment needed, including x-rays and surgery if necessary.

So far, more than 120 donors have raised £1,549 towards a £10,000 target, and further donations have come through social media.

Elena added: "There are lots of options available. It depends on what the vets find in the x-rays."

To donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/gary-the-garbage-cat?