The borough council’s cabinet member for highways Maureen Penny has defended herself against Labour councillor Jim Robbins call for her to consider her position.

She said that teams at Euclid Street were working on a number of possible ideas to solve the issue.

Coun Penny said: “Following the public meeting last November, my officers took away 17 points raised by the residents who attended.

“We have been working through those proposals, some of which are feasible and some of which are not.

"For instance, residents' parking zones were suggested but when residents views were subsequently sought, there was no majority in favour of this and there clearly needs to be support for a measure in order for us to proceed.

“With specific regard to the particular suggestions raised by Coun Robbins, at Barnum Court, the ‘keep clear’ markings were deemed a safety issue by highways engineers and therefore not an option. Coun Robbins was consulted on the findings of the road safety audit but has clearly not shared this with residents.”

Coun Penny added: “At the Bruce Street Bridges Junction, a feasibility study is being developed.

“My team are also conducting an urban traffic management control project which will help us to plan the most effective way of controlling and directing traffic.

"Unfortunately, these measures do take time as we need to get it right and ensure that we do not create further problems either in this area or at a point elsewhere in the network.

“Coun Robbins knows my door is always open if he would like to come and discuss this further but clearly, he is putting political point scoring above helping us with a resolution for the residents affected by traffic in this location.”