SPEAKING after his election win, South Swindon’s newly re-elected MP Robert Buckland said he was looking forward to “getting back to the substance of politics”.

With the Conservatives expected to have won big across the country, Mr Buckland said: “I’m thrilled to have a few records broken tonight. The first Tory MP in Swindon to be elected for a fourth term with a big majority, nearly 7,000 this time and over 50 per cent of the vote.

“That’s still sinking in, really. It’s quite a significant mandate and will enable a change of emphasis.

“The last few years have been dominated by process. Now, actually, we can start talking about substance again – whether it’s legislation on the environment, legislation on criminal justice – actually getting back to the substance of politics. I think people might find that a rather refreshing change.”

Robert Buckland claimed more than 26,500 votes - a majority of more than 6,000. 

Labour's Sarah Church tailed the Tory, polling 19,911 votes.