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Lack of decency

Last Thursday 53 per cent voted for Pro EU/Pro Referendum parties whilst only 47 per cent voted for Pro Brexit parties.

If we had a decent Government this would be acknowledged, and something would be done to address the issue.

However, our Government is headed by a narcissistic racist who thinks nothing of breaking the law to achieve his goals and was one of the worst liars of the 2016 Leave Campaign.

This lack of decency on the part of our current government is further demonstrated by the 5,000 plus Tory party campaign advertisements found to be dishonest and misleading by independent fact checkers over the last few weeks.

Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

Election a Brexit re-run

The General Election was accepted by many politicians and the public as being a re-run of the 2016 Referendum vote which mandated for the UK to leave the political construct of the EU.

Indeed the 2017 General Election confirmed that a majority of the country wanted the issue resolved and produced an overwhelming vote for the two parties which promised to ‘respect the Referendum vote’ and the 2019 vote confirmed the matter.

In 2019, one of those parties chose to renege on that promise and offered itself as a ‘sort of remain’ party.

The electorate was not fooled and chose to show their contempt for such shilly shallying. The result as we have seen was the decimation of the Labour vote in its heartlands. Not a pretty sight.

The Lib Dems have a history of unprincipled obfuscation coupled with a messianic belief that their message is the right one even though the people remain unconvinced. Reading the views of rejected Lib Dem candidate Brian Matthews (SA, December 14) it would seem he has learned nothing from the fact that British voters are not impressed with the stance taken by his Party.

How else should we interpret his ‘silly comment’ that “We will continue to fight to stop Brexit in Parliament”.

The facts are that the Lib Dems, with a much reduced presence in Parliament are incapable of providing any meaningful form of opposition to the UK leaving the EU and as Democrats they should be offering support to the Government by ensuring the leave deal is a good deal for the UK. Every Party has had their say; the pros and cons of Brexit have been discussed ad nauseum over the past three years – we just need to do the deed and leave.

For those worried about a trade deal with the EU, remember that a FTA is in everyone’s interests, whereas protectionism (which is what the EU is all about) is not.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Theft from homeless

What kind of disgusting creature steals from a charity that helps the homeless? (SA, December 13)

I was horrified to read about the burglary at The Night Kitchen store. Its a charity that helps people who have absolutely nothing.

As someone who was homeless for a short time and has been close it it several times in my life, I have nothing but gratitude for the people who give part of their lives to helping others as the people at the Night Kitchen do and nothing but utter contempt for the scum that have stolen from them.

I’m so glad the people of Swindon have rallied round to replace what they can. It shows that there are still good people around. I really hope the police manage to catch the burglars and that they are brought to justice.

Dave Walker, Ermin Street, Swindon

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