Thank you to everyone who voted for me in last week's General Election. I am very proud to have the opportunity to continue to represent my fellow local residents in Parliament.

During the six-week campaign I covered over a million steps (over 20 miles a day!), delivered lots of leaflets, knocked on doors and wrote leaflets into the early hours.

It was certainly the coldest and wettest election campaign I have been involved in and I was very grateful for all the residents who took the time to speak to me personally, especially the very kind man who, having seen me telling on election day in the rain, returned a little later with a hot chocolate. It was very much appreciated.

I have always believed you have to earn the right to represent your local community, so I, unlike most politicians write all my own literature, focusing solely on what I have done, and crucially, what I would like to do. You are either good enough to win, or you don’t deserve to, there is no need to attack your opponents personally. Politics can and should be better than that and that is why I always keep my campaign positive.

I have never known an election campaign like this, door after door, residents who had never previously voted Conservative offered to support us. This was reflected in my result locally where I secured a record majority, highest number of votes cast and the largest share of the vote ever in Swindon. Nationally, Labour towns turned blue, including towns never previously won by the Conservatives, delivering a new generation of MPs who will help change our politics for the better.

Voters made it clear they wanted the Brexit deadlock ending. We have a responsibility to deliver a better future for our country and that we must repay the public's trust by getting Brexit done. We can then move on to discuss the issues that matter: record funding for the NHS and our schools, delivering safer streets and supporting our growing economy to deliver the next generation of jobs.

This work has already begun. We will work around the clock to repay the trust millions of voters placed in this People’s Government and that work starts with yesterday’s radical Queen’s Speech. It will take us out of the EU, overhaul our immigration system, strengthen support for workers and families, level up funding for our schools and will enshrine in law record investment for the NHS.

It will take our country forward with an ambitious One Nation programme to unite and spread opportunity to every corner of our United Kingdom.

I was also pleased to be asked by the Prime Minister to continue in my role as the Minister of State for Disabled People.

I will continue to work with charities, stakeholders and disabled people to increase opportunities, support and services for disabled people.

I remain as determined as ever to champion our community. My focus will always remain on local issues, as a fellow local resident I understand and share the issues we face.

Thank you again to everyone who has put their faith in me and to my fantastic campaign team who helped me during the campaign. No one will work harder than me to champion our fantastic town.