A CAFE in Chippenham is starting the new year on a low after its till was stolen in a break in early this morning (January 3).

Scoffs Cafe, on New Road, was the subject of a nighttime burglary as thieves smashed a back window before lifting the till from the building. The till contained £83.50 when it was taken.

Today is the first day of business in 2020 for the cafe and workers are shaken.

Kelly Emms, an employee, said: "The owner is upset, we're all upset. At the end of the day that's our livelihoods they've taken and it's just really not what you want on your first day of business in the new year.

"Because we're an independent business it will definitely affect us more than it would a big company. That's probably why they targeted us.

"We think at least two people did it as there is no way someone could do it on their own. Police didn't come to us until about 11.30am.

"The smashed window also has to be replaced by the owner, causing her more expense."

Police have said the burglary took place between midnight and 7.30am.

Scoffs was not the only cafe burgled in Chippenham this morning. Jolly's Irish Cafe, on Market Place, was also the victim of a break in and was closed today.

The Tesco Express, at Hathaway Retail Park, which is just across the road from Scoffs, sustained criminal damage as the cashpoint was smashed.