Developers from Beechcroft Land Ltd are hoping a government-appointed inspector will overrule Wiltshire Council.

Plans to build 81 houses on land bound by Purton Road and the railway line were turned down by the county council last March.

A spokesman for the council said: “The proposed development would result in the loss of ecologically important habitats and disturbance of sensitive wildlife species.”

Here’s what you said on Facebook and the Adver website:

Manni Madhani: “Fair play to the council for saying up yours basically, but the developers will win, they mostly always do.”

Angela Reid: “Developments like Wichelstowe need finishing before others are given permission.”

Su Moore: “Well done Wiltshire Council for rejecting it.”

Sonia Adameke: “Well perhaps it’s time we all sign a petition to reject the development!

“What Swindon needs is more large production businesses to improve employment and increase salaries.

“Definitely enough houses built. Most houses being built at the moment are not actually accommodating Swindon residents as most Swindon residents can’t honestly afford them, hence people from areas like London, Reading and Oxford are the ones moving into Swindon and skyrocketing the house prices.

“Maybe we should all be signing petitions to stop unnecessary developments. There are loads of wildlife displaced already in this part of Swindon and I think it’s only fair to give them a bit of land to graze freely on.”

Kev Harper: “81 boxes. Finish the front garden first.

“Then start on the eight thousand to the east of Swindon. This town will end up like Didcot.”

Janie White: “What about the wildlife in Blunsdon? More and more houses being built. Totally ruining a beautiful village.”

Rosie Holland: “Good, the green areas on the edges and around Swindon are being squeezed out of existence.

“In areas such as Stanton Park, the wildlife has declined after all the developments nearby.

“We don’t seem to have the infrastructure to support all these new dwellings.”

Sarah Davis: “About time they did something for the environment.”

Drashig: “I seem to remember the Swindon & Cricklade Railway were attempting to prevent this land being built on in the hope that they could one day connect their railway to the main line, but I guess that will never happen will it.”

Dustydog5: “If it goes ahead another 200-plus people will want to use our overstretched services such as Purton surgery.

“Time Wiltshire Council and the developers are made to pay for the additional infrastructures that will be needed.”

Loadoffback: “When will it stop? When we’ve reached Cricklade? Or maybe Cirencester?

“These developers are never satisfied, they are greedy for land.

“Just pack your bags and build somewhere else.”

I Love This Town, Honest: “I will bet that this gets the green light on appeal.

“It seems that the views of the local people and local councils count for nothing.”

Alan Baker: “The big problem with this particular site and others opposite and adjacent, is that they are in the Wiltshire Council area and thus all council taxes go the Wiltshire Council and not Swindon Borough Council.

“It means the residents use Swindon services and roads without paying anything towards them.”