The man behind a project teaching troubled youngsters mechanics has thanked supporters after raising more than twice what he hoped in a fundraising bid.

Rob Fox who runs Wheels Workshop needed £500 to redecorate the project's new home on Carstairs Avenue in Park South.

However donations tallied up to £1,115 through his appeal.

“The response has been brilliant, amazing and just really unexpected,” said Rob.

“I’m very grateful for what everyone has done, it’s just been wonderful.”

The money is needed to install new LED lighting, clean and repaint the entire interior, improve security and install a wall in the changing rooms.

The project received donations from individuals as well as local businesses, some of whom Rob didn’t know.

He added: “It’s just incredible to know that a lot of people believe in what I’m doing here.

“When you’re on your own and you have a dream or vision of what you want to achieve, after a while you do start to wonder if it’s any good or going to work.

“So it’s just so nice to be appreciated,” Rob said.

The mechanic and motorcycle instructor has been running Wheels Workshop for eight years.

The project teaches groups of teenagers from nearby schools the fundamentals of motorbike mechanics as well as road safety.

“I use the motor vehicle as an engagement tool really,” said Rob.

“Yes they’re learning mechanical skills and engine building facts, but they’re also learning how to be in on time, how to prepare themselves for the task ahead, how to listen to instructions and seeing a job through to the end.

“When they make a mistake or the solutions they come up with don’t work, I help them to analyse what was wrong, how can we fix it, so the kids learn confidence in themselves to tackle problems and learn from their mistakes,” he said.

Some schools use the project as an incentive for students to stay in their lessons or as a reward for doing well.

Rob added: “Especially nowadays it is so important that kids stay in school, get qualifications and go on to college, or whatever, if they can.

“The skills they learn here they can take back to school to give them the self-assurance and self-awareness to tackle more difficult situations,” Rob said.

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