A lack of street cleaning in Eldene has left one public footpath virtually impassable and covered in mulch.

Martin Buck photographed the area near his home in Overbrook and called on the council to act.

He said: “The kerb has been like that for a couple of years. Where there are trees, all the branches and leaves fall in the road, mud gets washed in with the rain and it accumulates there and the drains get blocked.

“You can’t even walk on the path because it’s covered.

“But nobody seems to come around and clean it.”

The main concern for Martin is the fact that the council has the resources to clean the area, but nothing seems to happen.

“I want it cleaned,” he added: “That’s what we’re paying our rates for. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

“Why can’t it be cleaned up? Surely the council should say 'this is a blot on the Swindon landscape, we can do something about it'."

With this, and other areas of the town littered with rubbish, Martin believes that residents have just become used to it.

He told the Adver: “People get resigned to the fact. They think nobody does anything about it so why should I say anything.

"I’ve lived in Overbrook for 37 years, so I’ve seen it deteriorate over the years. There’s no sense of pride here for where people live.

“There’s no pride in the environment and the landscape. It’s probably a generalisation but it’s what we have to look at every day. It’s what we look out of our window and see.

“I don’t know why it can’t be addressed.”

A spokesman for the borough council said: “Our street cleaning team routinely clean and sweep the borough’s roads and gutters and we have a specialist team who inspect the highways drainage system.

“Unfortunately, with all the wet weather recently, leaves and other debris can be washed down into the drains causing blockages and we do our best to clear them as quickly as possible.

“The issue at Overbrook has not been reported to us, according to our records, but we will look to resolve the problem as soon as we can.”

The Adver kicked of a litter campaign which to fight back against the sorry sight of litter and mes.

This campaign is not about flytipping, it’s focused on where litter, from cigarette ends to sweet wrappers, has gathered.

If you’d like to get involved then please email pete.gavan@newsquest.co.uk. with Let’s Make Litter History in the subject line.