A SHOCKED mum watched as a stranger stopped her son as he was walking to his friend’s house in Upper Stratton.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, stood at the front of her home at Green Road as the eight-year-old boy headed off for the afternoon.

But as he walked along Meadowcroft Road, a dark-coloured Renault Clio reversed, blocking his path and preventing him from crossing to the other side.

His mum said: “I was at the gate of my house watching him go up to make sure he was safe. It looked like someone reversed and the lady in the car stopped and started to chat to him before he ran off.

“I called my friend, who is the mum of the child my son was visiting. I asked if the lady I saw was her mum’s carer or a friend of hers. She told me it wasn’t and she had no idea who it was.”

The CCTV footage caught by the woman's friend confirms that the car reversed towards the child.

The mum of the eight-year-old told the Adver: “I spoke to my son later on and he told me she was asking him a lot of questions.

“She had asked him if he wanted to take an Uber and he said no and she asked where he was going and he told her. She then noticed me and asked him who I was and he told her I was his mum and that’s when he ran off and she drove away

“It was a lengthy conversation. I saw him run off and then I grabbed my phone.

"As soon as I found out what she asked him I became very angry. My friend sent the footage and it’s just chilling to see."

The woman called the police but were told there would be no investigation.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: “We can confirm we have received a report of a driver of a vehicle stopping and speaking to a boy in the Upper Stratton area on Saturday afternoon.

"Enquiries were conducted and we do not believe the incident to be suspicious and no offences have been committed.”

She then warned the school her son goes to, Grange Junior School at Grange Drive, about what had happened.

She said: “His school is putting out more information to other schools and to parents to make people aware of the situation. I did post it on Facebook to get it out there too.

"I just keep doing the 'what if' situations in my head because if I wasn’t there would she have left him alone?

“My son is feeling okay after it all but I think he’s oblivious because it was a woman who approached him. People trust us more, it can be more intimidating when it’s a man. But it’s still very scary that this happened."