A plea has been issued to prime minister Boris Johnson to launch a business rate review.

Speaking on BBC's Panorama, the Conservative leader of Swindon Borough Council, David Renard spoke about the need to have a review and what he wants to see from the prime minister.

He said: "The reason why we're seeing a lot of retailers going out of business is because their rates are very high."

When asked if he had Mr Johnson on the phone what his plea on business rates would be, Mr Renard said: "That we need a thorough review of business rates.

"If retailers are going to thrive on the high street, they need lower business rates.

"We need a review which will ultimately lead to online retailers and physical retailers having a level playing field."

The council leader was also quizzed on if authorities should be buying back properties in order to regenerate them as some councils have already done.

He added: "I think each location needs to make their own choices and decisions on that.

"There's no doubt if you own something it is far easier to regenerate it and do what you want than if it's owned by a third party. "