A TEEN burglar caught red-handed by the homeowner was abandoned by his two mates.

The man went into his garage on October 4 last year after hearing a distinctive popping sound of the door being opened at 5.30am. He confronted the trio and two of the boys scarpered.

He managed to detain one of them, a 14-year-old boy, until the police arrived to arrest him.

Less than a fortnight later the boy was back in the cells after a man spotted him in the passenger seat of a 90-year-old neighbour’s Ford Ka. The car had been left on the OAP’s driveway with the engine running on the advice of a mechanic that had just done some work on the vehicle.

Appearing before Swindon Youth Court, the boy pleaded guilty to burglary, common assault and attempting to steal a car. Mark Glendenning, defending, said the boy had been pressured into committing both offences. He was easily led. Since Christmas he had been doing better at school and behaving at home.

Magistrates ordered a six month youth referral order and a £21 victim surcharge.