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Unrealistic targets

Over the past three weeks, television and newspapers have all headlined the waiting times in the A&E and ambulance for missing targets.

These targets are issued by people that perhaps have never been put under pressure especially dealing with life threatening positions, often working through their break times deserves appreciation not condemnation. Just imagine they go home fully stressed out and trying to find time for their loved ones and children, then putting on the telly or opening a newspaper and be confronted by these headlines!

Here in Swindon it is all not to do with Osborne’s cuts, the new hospital which at the time all knew that it would never be large enough considering the way that the town was increasing in size, was constructed under the Labour.

Anyone, me included, that have spent time in A&E will have been treated with understanding and professionalism caring staff even if you have had to wait to be treated, I once had to wait six hours for a specialist to be brought in and I was not allowed pain killers because my broken jaw might react to them, it was worth the wait the operation was a success although I was wired up for six months.

John Oliver, Brooklands Avenue, Swindon

The wrong message

An open letter to Robert Buckland, MP. What you and your colleagues in government are doing to our country is beyond belief. You and the government are sending a message to the world that lying and breaking the law is an acceptable way to pursue political goals in the UK.

Given the lies (many of which were racist in nature) and law breaking of the leave campaign what is happening does not represent democracy in way shape or form. To claim it does is to lie. And don’t try and claim as you have in the past that the leave campaign won the argument. They didn’t put forward any arguments - all they did was lie! What you have done undermines and destroys democracy in the UK especially when you consider that 53 per cent of people voted for parties offering a second referendum in December

You have not only personally appeased those liars, law breakers and racists, many of whom hold senior positions in the Tory party, including our so called Prime Minister, but also you have actively supported them and helped them to achieve their goals.

What’s more your constituents had every right to expect you to stand up for what is right and protect them from those liars, law breakers and racists. Instead you chose to ignore them.

Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

What, no parking?

I see in the Adver’s “Whats Being Planned” section that they plan to convert the old Adver paper store into yet another multi occupancy building by cramming as many people into as small a space as possible but with no provision for parking.

How is this allowed to keep happening in Old Town? Surely any planning permission for new living accommodation should come with the proviso that parking space is provided by the developer.

The Adver quotes the council as showing “cause for concern” about the lack of parking but giving the project the green light anyway. What a pathetic response. I suppose it is only coincidental that we seem to have an army of traffic wardens patrolling the streets of Old Town these days.

A more cynical person might conclude that the council have spotted a revenue stream from the lack of parking in our area.

Bob Moore, North Street, Swindon

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