With the coronavirus showing no signs of abating in the UK - four new cases were announced yesterday - we look at how the virus has spread so far.

Newsquest titles across the country have been working tirelessly to bring you the latest confirmed updates as they happen - from York to Brighton to the latest incident in Southampton.

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The first case of coronavirus in the UK was confirmed on January 31. A day earlier, our sister paper The Press, in York, reported that a man, believed to be a Chinese national, had been taken to hospital from a city hotel. This had led to fears the virus had reached the UK.

This Is Wiltshire:

The Press were quickly able to confirm the first two cases of coronavirus in the UK had fallen ill in York, and quickly followed this with messages of reassurance for residents - York is open for business despite coronavirus alert - as well as advice on what hospitals were advising.

They also reported on criticism from their MP Rachel Maskell on concerns about how MPs, the NHS, the council and other statutory agencies had been briefed over coronavirus developments.

Also on January 31, the Oxford Mail led with the news about a flight carrying 83 British people and 27 foreign nationals from coronavirus-hit China landing at Brize Norton.

Tests were also being conducted on people from Oxfordshire

This Is Wiltshire:

On that flight was a man from Dorset who had been forced to leave his new wife back in China, reported the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

Another scare was reported in York on February 5, when a paramedic in a hazmat suit was reported to have taken a patient away from a York house.

On February 6, the third case of the virus was diagnosed in a man from Brighton, who had caught it in Singapore.

As the reports unfolded and various sources were contacted for confirmation, The Argus in Brighton ran a live blog, detailing all the latest updates.

This Is Wiltshire:

On the same day, the Bournemouth Daily Echo ran a story about these enterprising teenagers who had made £10,000 by selling 1.7pence 'coronavirus' masks.

Last Friday, The Argus continued their coverage, reporting that the family of the Brighton coronavirus victim had left the city.

His family, who had been checked by medical practitioners, had left the city to be mindful of the other residents, said Hove and Portslade MP Peter Kyle told The Argus.

Over the weekend, as the story continued to develop, The Argus reported these findings as well:

  • Hove pub staff in 'self-isolation' after coronavirus contact
  • A timeline of Hove man's movements before he was diagnosed with coronavirus
  • Shop says it only accepts customers wearing masks after coronavirus case confirmed

This Is Wiltshire:

As Coronavirus was declared a "serious and imminent threat" to the public, five people in total were confirmed to have coronavirus in Brighton on Monday.

A school in Southampton was also closed over Coronavirus fears.

This Is Wiltshire:

Today, the man at the centre of the UK outbreak, Steve Walsh, has thanked the NHS for his treatment and said he is "fully recovered".

Steve Walsh, from Hove, who is still in quarantine at St Thomas' Hospital in London, picked up coronavirus while at a conference in Singapore.

On his way back to the UK, he stopped off for several days at a French ski chalet, where five Britons were subsequently infected with the virus.

He is also linked to at least five further cases of coronavirus in the UK, including two doctors, one of whom worked at a Brighton surgery that has closed its doors.

Bath University was also being tested for Coronavirus on Tuesday.