DISGUSTED parents have hit out after being forced to dodge dog poo on the school run.

And those whose children attend Croft Primary School are so fed up that they have taken to sticking flags in the mess ordering careless owners to clean up after their pets.

James Carter, 48, was waiting to pick up his children from the school on Marlborough Lane.

He said: “It’s terrible, absolutely terrible. I’ve trodden in it several times.

“To be honest, I own a dog, three actually, and I wouldn’t dream of leaving poo anywhere, let alone outside a school.

“It seems to be happening more and more. I never used to look down but I have to now.

“The flags are a good idea because I’ve been caught foul a few times. It’s horrible.”

The flags include signs asking owners to “Pick up your dog poo!” and some even feature Spiderman.

Kim Drury, 33 said: “It’s not nice. One of my kids stepped in it on the way to the park over the weekend and we ended up chucking her shoes away because it smelt so bad.

“I hadn’t seen the flags but it’s a good thing, there’s no harm in making people more aware.

"It’s pretty gross and you see it a lot around here.”

Another parent, Rachel Willcock, said: “It’s a nightmare, it’s so unhygienic.

“People know this is a residential area and the kids go to school here. One of mine has been through it on their scooter and it’s not great.”

A dad of two, who asked not to be named, added: “It’s getting worse and it’s lazy and irresponsible of the dog owners.

“It’s bad enough to leave dog mess on the pavement anywhere but to leave it right outside a school, where children have to walk everyday, is just disgusting.”

Croft Primary principal Elaine Murphy said pupils were being taught about how to look after the environment.

She said: “Taking care of our environment is a big part of school life and as a result of this we encourage all our children to look after and care for not only the school but for the environment beyond the school gates.

“We have many projects within the school that focus on improving our local area.

"We have a good relationship with local residents who kindly support our school on a variety of issues and therefore we support the community in wanting to keep our area tidy and free of any littering.”

Dog owners who fail to pick up poo can be fined £1,000.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman added: “We undertake regular fouling patrols and erect signage and use washable stencilling on footpaths and pavements in certain locations to deter people from leaving dog mess.

“Dog fouling can be a difficult matter to resolve but we have found that regular patrols with these measures in affected areas has improved the situation.

“In some places we have issued a Public Space Protection Order and can take action by issuing a fixed penalty notice.

“If a PSPO is breached, the perpetrator may receive a £100 on the spot fine or may face a fine of up to £1,000 in court. As a result of this, dog fouling complaints have reduced.

“But, in reality, we can only do so much and we would ask dog owners to be responsible – as most are – and pick up their dog’s waste.”