Door lock glued

AN anti-social yob put glue in the door lock of a house in Gloucester Square, Melksham, on between 11.15am and 1.15pm on Friday February 7.

Grass damaged

A group of youths rode a moped on the play park’s field causing damage to the grass in Methuen Avenue, Melksham, on Friday.

Motorbikes stolen

TWO motorbikes were stolen from a garage in Lopes Close, Melksham, overnight on Friday, February 7. They were a red Honda CRF and a blue Yamaha. The thieves smashed a window to gain entry.

Handbag searched

BANK cards, loyalty cards and some loose change were stolen from a handbag after a thief broke into a vehicle parked in Lopes Close, Melksham, overnight on Friday by forcing the passenger side door.

Bag pinched

A BAG containing a black Sento watch and Sony headphones was stolen from a vehicle parked in Savernake Avenue, Melksham, overnight on Friday.

Purse taken

A PURPLE purse containing a Barclays debit card, bus pass, key and loose change was taken after being left on a counter of premises in Snowberry Lane, Melksham, close to midday on Saturday.

Knife stolen

A STANLEY knife was stolen from the glove compartment of a vehicle parked in Milton Avenue, Melksham, overnight on Friday

Cannabis warning

A CANNABIS street warning was issued to a man in his 20s from Chippenham who was stop-checked by police in Lavender Close, Melksham, at 1.42am on Sunday after he was found in possession of a small quantity of cannabis.