A DRUG dealing pair were accused of putting profit before the carnage wreaked by heroin and crack cocaine.

Jailing William Gentry and Perry Kyei-Ntiamoah to a total of 13 years yesterday, Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “Neither of you use class A drugs. You were both in it for profit plain and simple and you prioritised financial gain over the carnage and broken lives drugs leave in their wake.”

The two Londoners, now aged just 21 and 23 were said to have sold between 174 and 349 grammes of heroin and crack cocaine in Swindon in mid-2017, making themselves in excess of £17,000.

Gentry was the man in charge of the drugs line. He had named it G or “Gee” after himself and sent out bulk texts marketing his product.

Then aged just 19 he already had two drugs convictions under his belt. One for sitting on drugs for older gangsters and another for peddling class As in Norwich while he worked off a debt for losing his paymasters’ product.

Kyei-Ntiamoah, then 20, was the driver. In a hired VW Golf they made regular trips up and down the M4 to resupply themselves with cocaine and heroin in the capital.

Perry held on to the drugs phone, with telephony data putting it near his home in London.

Bulk marketing texts spoke of the quality of the line’s drugs being “10/10”. Gentry boasted of seeing drugs being bagged up.

They were stopped on June 8 as they drove home along the motorway.

When drugs squad detectives tried to pull them over, Kyei-Ntiamoah slowed to a crawling pace as they threw the drugs phone into the glove compartment, disposed of his SIM card and hid a knife beneath the passenger foot mat.

Police found no drugs in the car but nearly £2,500 was stashed in the steering column and Gentry’s rucksack.

Both men denied being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

Kyei-Ntiamoah claimed he had come to Wiltshire after Gentry told him “Swindon girls like black lads from London.”

He said he had struck up a relationship with one girl but could not recall her surname or where she had lived.

A Swindon jury took less than a day to find the men guilty in December.

Peter Pride, for Gentry, said in mitigation yesterday that his client was young, immature and had been working as part of a County Lines set up. His girlfriend was pregnant with their first child.

Andrew Selby, for Kyei-Ntiamoah, said the man was remorseful and was using his time in prison constructively.

He had already completed two courses at HMP Bullingdon and had enhanced prisoner status.

Gentry, of Hackney, London was sentenced to seven years and five months. Kyei-Ntiamoah, of Braintree, Essex, received five years and seven months.

Judge Taylor told the younger man: “I am sure that this was your network. The network was G or Gee after your name.

“That may have been a very foolish thing to do. It doesn’t surprise me having seen you give evidence.”