CLIMATE emergency campaigners are to march on County Hall in Trowbridge next week.

Members of the Wiltshire Climate Alliance will demand more urgent action to address the global climate emergency.

The march will take place on Tuesday February 25 from 8.30am onwards. Campaigners will assemble at Trowbridge Railway Station car park before marching to County Hall for 9.45am.

They are demanding action not words from Wiltshire Council, which declared a climate emergency a year ago.

Matt Callaway, chairman of Trowbridge Eco, said: "While Climate Change continues to gather pace, we still don't see our councillors taking the action that is needed.

"That's why we are gathering at County Hall to demand 'action, not words'.

"We are asking Wiltshire Council to declare an ecological emergency as well as acknowledge they declared a climate emergency one year ago," Mr Callaway said.

Campaigners aim to ask specific questions during the Council's budget setting and council tax meeting, highlighting the importance of the climate and ecological emergency.

Mr Callaway added: "We want to engage them to think about every decision that is made should consider the climate and the environment."

"A huge number of Wiltshire residents want to see change in this county."

The Wiltshire Climate Alliance is a network of local groups and individuals campaigning for action in Wiltshire on the global climate emergency.

The Alliance comprises members of environmental groups, including Extinction Rebellion, Zero Chippenham, Trowbridge Environmental Community, Westbury Gasification Action Group, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and many more.

It is asking people to sign a petition at