The Bangladeshi community came together to mark one of the most important days in its cultural calendar.

International Mother Language Day 2020, celebrated yesterday, saw people gather for the first time at a new monument in GWR Park, to pay tribute to their heritage.

Councillor for Walcot and Park North Abdul Amin, who helped lead the project to install the memorial, said: “This is a symbol of all languages spoken in Swindon and across the world.

“We’re a very multicultural town and this is an icon for all people to celebrate their cultural heritage.

"It’s wonderful to have it here to bring all the diverse communities to work together for the best interests of Swindon.”

Mayor Kevin Parry, and the High Sheriff of Wiltshire David Scott, were among the guests.

Coun Parry said: “It’s very important to have this monument as a focal point for people, and great to have it here in one of our central parks.

“Swindon is an extremely diverse town and it’s important to recognise and celebrate all the cultures we have here.”

The worldwide celebration was inspired by the killing of students and political activists at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh on February 21, 1952. They were protesting to have their own language, Bangla, recognised as a national language.

Members of the Bangladesh Association, which funded the monument, laid wreaths and sang a song written by one of the protesters originally involved in the tragedy.