THERE’S only a few days left to have your say about what should happen at Trowbridge Town Hall to improve its facilities for the local community.

The management team have started a conversation with the people of Trowbridge to find out what people want from the Town Hall.

Town Hall director David Lockwood said: “This building was built for all inhabitants of the town, but at times in its life, it was largely used by its more active citizens.

“As we go forward, restoring this incredible asset at the heart of the town, let’s make sure it is a home for all residents. To achieve this, we need to hear from all voices. You can help here. Please spread the word.

“131 years ago, the Town Hall was opened for the residents of Trowbridge. Working with specialists, we’ve ambitious plans to help it last another 131 years. Your contribution will determine that future.”

To complete the survey, go to