A WARRANT has been issued for the arrest of a woman who sold drugs to an undercover police officer.

Limara Crewe was due before Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday afternoon having failed to turn up last week.

The 34-year-old has already pleaded guilty to selling heroin and crack cocaine last April to an officer known only as “Steve.” She was one of dozens of dealers caught in Op Jetway, which saw police officers pose as addicts and make test purchases.

Her case was adjourned by Judge Paul Cook last week after Crewe’s lawyer, Tony Bignall, said he had received a call 10 minutes before court began saying Crewe would be half-an-hour late as her dad had died the night before.

Ordering the adjournment, the judge said: “If it was the case she has lied to the court about her father that would come to light.”

When she failed to appear on Tuesday, Judge Cook issued a warrant for her arrest.

She has a record of not turning up, having initially failed to appear in January for a plea hearing at the Islington Street court.