RESIDENTS in Westbury have been urged to come together to form a community partnership to help regenerate the town.

The call came from Hazel Stuteley, chairman of the C2 National Network of Connected Communities, and Grenville Chappel, former mayor of Falmouth.

Speaking at an Open Westbury event at The Laverton on Thursday, Mr Chappel said: "It is not politics, it is the life of your community that you are playing for.

"You have got to work with other people and you have got to work together."

Mr Chappel and Mrs Stuteley described how in 1995 they helped launch the Beacon Regeneration Project in Falmouth to turn round the Cornish port's Old Hill Estate.

The estate was one of the most deprived and poorest in Europe, with a multitude of social problems. A small group of five people got together and decided that needed to change. They formed the Beacon Regeneration Project and Tenants Association to combat crime and social problems and help cut unemployment.

The pioneering and national award-winning initiative breathed new life into the estate and turned the community around by empowering its residents.

They urged Westbury residents to form a community partnership with other groups, such as Westbury town and Wiltshire councils, local housing associations and other groups.

They also praised the work of the town's Penleigh and Oldfield Community Action Network which is already achieving some results.

Mr Chappel added: "There will be some ups and downs but stick with it and make Westbury one of the best places to live."