BIRTHDAYS are rare for people born on a leap day.

For Kai Palmer and Lauren Penney being leap year babies they only see their birthday every four years.

This weekend Kai, 12, will be celebrating his third official birthday.

Lauren, 8, will be celebrating her second.

Anyone born on February 29 doesn't see their birthday every year like everyone else.

Lauren of Rhine Close said: "Its more spectacular to be born on a leap day, I get to have a proper day celebrating because there’s a four year build up to it.

"Everyone takes it more seriously on my leap year birthday and they make it more special."

She usually celebrates her birthday on both February 28 and March 1 if it's not a leap year.

But today she will get to have a big party with her friends and family.

And she's only asked for a Fitbit after her old one broke.

Her mum Anna said it was a surprise that she was born on a leap day.

She said: "When we first fell pregnant we looked and realised there’s a chance she could be born on that day and then they set the official due date so we didn't think anymore of it.

"Then she was born three weeks early and it wasn't until a bit later that I noticed it was the 29th.

"When it's not a leap year we always make an extra effort for her because she doesn't get to celebrate her actual birthday."

Kai of Eneavour Road is celebrating his 12th birthday this weekend or his third leap year birthday.

Usually he will celebrate it on the March 1 during a year with 365 days.

Kai told the Adver: "To me it feels like it’s rare if I tell my friends I’m three years old, I explain it to them but they just think it’s a little weird.

"It feels special when my actual birthday comes round. This year I've only asked for money because I want to save up, now I'm older I don't really want much else.

"This weekend we're going to Haven to celebrate, I'm not sure what we will do there but I'm sure it will be loads of fun."

Haven is a chain of holiday parks around the UK.

Kai wasn't supposed to be born on February 29 and was actually born a little early.

His dad Nathan told the Adver: "Kai was due at the end of March he was a few weeks early. We didn’t even clock until later on and we were a bit shocked when we realised.

"He was really good as a baby couldn’t ask for anything better didn’t scream or cry much.

"But when his actual birthday does come round it feels special so we always do something a bit extra."