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Points system please

There are several major crises engulfing the country now, the worst being the pressure on the NHS, the shortage of housing and poverty.

People from all walks of life have many opinions on how they should be rectified but the reason they all exist is also the answer to the problems.

There are just too many people in the United Kingdom. Various governments slackness in controlling our borders has resulted in the country not being able to cope with the pressure on its services.

The sooner we shut up and put an Australian points system in place the better off this country will be.

Colin Laplus, Old Town

Pavements for people

I’m writing about parking on pavements and the Government’s proposal to introduce a law to ban it.

Thus, giving local authorities the powers to issue fines to motorists that do.

First of all, I recognise that there is a lot more motorists on the road than ever before. And, that space for parking is at a premium in many areas.

Even so, I’m appalled at the way some ignorant motorists park their vehicles on the pavement in all parts of this Town.

Believe it or not, I’ve even seen motorists park on the pavement, near me in Radley Close, when there is no other car in the street.

It beggars belief and shows just how habitual this has become for a lot of people.

Either way, there is no excuse. And this selfish act has to stop.

In a lot of circumstances, it makes it impossible for pedestrians to get by and therefore they have to go into the road. This is totally unacceptable and potentially dangerous for able and disabled people alike.

The sooner the Government bring this law in, the better. I hope Swindon Borough Council will implement it and take enforcement action.

By issuing fines will make a lot of people think twice and hopefully change their habit. It will be safer for everyone.

After all, pavements are for pedestrians and not for motorists!

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

Trial by media

Has trial by media now taken over from the courts, where the principle of innocent till proven guilty still exists?

We should be wary of jumping to conclusions – or ‘pre-judging’ (showing ‘prejudice’).

Your report (SA, March 5) states that there have been several ’accusations’ of Ms Patel’s “bullying behaviour.”

Her senior civil servant at the Home Office issued a statement when he resigned but, as I understand it, has yet to make his claim before and industrial tribunal.

Apparently, other accusations have been made – to the Labour Party, yet this is not a party-political issue. Also, we hear that further accusations were made on Newsnight.

If these accusers feel so strongly, why have they not taken their case to the appropriate employment tribunal or criminal court (if they think she has committed a criminal offence)?

And why have they not spoken out before now?

The news reports state that Ms Patel “denies all these allegations”; yet the implication is often that she should resign.

Why should she if she has not been found guilty by an appropriate judicial procedure? Or has she already been found guilty by The Media?

Malcolm Morrison, Prospect Hill

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