BOOTS in Pewsey has come under fire from people being forced to queue around the block for hours to get prescriptions.

The chemist was so over whelmed with demand that it reduced opening hours to afternoons only. It also asked for volunteers to help marshall customers.

Residents along the street have come to the defence of the chemists after reports of abusive language at staff.

"It is simply dreadful," said Caroline Dalrymple, who runs the interior design shop more or less opposite. "They are getting abuse, but they are trying their best. They just haven't got the staff to cope by the looks of it. To have people queuing, some of whom are in wheelchairs like this is utterly disgraceful."

Other volunteers were walking down the street calling people's names and handing their medication out.

Caroline Naylor had come to Pewsey from Bottlesford to drop off and pick up a prescription for her elderly neighbour.

"I do appreciate that they are busy," she said "But he really does need these drugs."