COMMUNITY and voluntary groups in Warminster are setting up help schemes to enable residents to get through the COVID-19 coronavirus health crisis.

Churches Together in Warminster, with advice from The Avenue Surgery in Warminster, the Cornerstone advice centre, Wiltshire Council and others, is organising a help scheme for the vulnerable, the elderly and the ill.

Harold Stephens, of Churches Together, said: “This is aimed at those isolated at home because of the virus and who urgently need basics for their everyday needs.

“The scheme aims to provide emergency support for essential purchases, collection of medicines and the like.

“We will also be acting as a gateway for those isolated people who would like to be able to talk with someone.”

Meanwhile, Annalisa Davis has just started a Warminster help/support group for people who need help.

She said: “We have had a lot of interest and a lot of people joining. The aim is if someone needs help, we are able to get that help for them or point them in the right direction.

“Equally, this is a very testing and frightening time for small local businesses, so if we can help and support you and get your serves known in the community that’s a huge plus.

"Ideally, it would be great to get deliveries to a key person in that street/streets and they deliver to the isolated/ elderly people within that street.

“I’m trying to create some semblance of order out of the current chaos; if we can get things in place now rather than later it is going to be much better for the whole community.”

To access the help group's support, go to