We have been covering a lot of stories around coronavirus. And the various issues have aroused strong feelings in many of our readers.

Our report of customers rushing to get their last Big Mac or Happy Meal from the Trowbridge branch of McDonald's before it shut in the coronavirus outbreak are causing traffic hold-ups on one of the main roads got you going.

Traffic caused tailbacks of up to an hour were reported on Bradley Road on Monday.

NICHOLAS GAY: This level of stupidity and the sheer mind-blowing quantity of people exhibiting it, folks, is why we can no longer have nice things! Unbelievable!

TANYA HARRISON:That’s why we are now on lockdown ridiculous behaviour! Get a life people. More to life than than a McDonald's – your family for a start!

ALWYN BODMAN: Sad people will now have to make up their own food if they only knew how.

DAMIEN LEE ROBINSON: I’d go get some nice beef and make my own burger.

LOUISE WILLIAMS: Probably all stop off at Tesco for those ‘essentials’ afterwards...

NOBBY CLARKE: Oh God does that mean the great unwashed will also be panic buying in Tesco.

JULIE CORP: I would queue for potatoes and veg as vegetarian.

JENNY HILLS: Not gonna lie, I was tempted to go the Chippenham one.

Chose not to though and cooked at home. Bacon and cheese toasties went down a storm with the boys!

JAC OAKES: If I was not in isolation I would have defo gone banana milkshake.

JADZIA SEWERYN: I wasn’t aware that you can still drive while braindead.

LUCY MCGRATH: I drove past this earlier. I imagine it was longer than 15 minutes, traffic was trailing back past the round about and inside was full.

MANDA PETTY: Wonder if they washed their hands between serving each person or changed their gloves each time nothing is worth it at mo.

NATASHA SIDWELL: Bulk buying of chicken nuggets before the closure.

KEIRA CULVERHOUSE-NEWMAN: If only all the factories in this country that don’t sell food or medical supplies followed the rules.

TARA T DUNNILL: A list of professions that can go to work would have been helpful. Is it key workers only or can a builder go lay the patio he's due to start? Can window cleaners still do their rounds? Are building sites still running?

SARAH BAGGS: Nothing about builders, electricians , roofers.

"I think they has been some confusion over outside work.

"And on social distancing.

ROD DADY: Why be awkward? Just stay in unless you need food or medical help – its not difficult.

GAIA444: I would very ostentatiously give them a wider-than-2-metre berth (err on the side of caution) when you see them approaching. They should pick up on it and move away themselves. Luckily there should be very little road traffic now for you to worry about.

After much confusing advice, the PM has, at last, made the ‘social distancing’ message crystal clear and I believe everyone will co-operate.

RAGNORAK: I actually think you are right about no-one knows for how long and the goalposts have changed a lot from the beginning to now so no one will know.

We reported in early March that one-hour free parking is back in Corsham’s public car parks. The news angered some people who did not realise it had been planned well before the coronavirus outbreak.

LIZ O’CONNELL:Well done Corsham. This will certainly encourage my family to shop locally.

MARVEEN HOLLINGSWORTH: Extremely bad taste to put an ad. on like this in the crisis we are in.

Shops are shutting everywhere and people losing their businesses, plus we are supposed to be staying in to help stop the virus.

BEN SPEIRS: This post was put up on the 11th of March before all this Corona business come about and the free one hour parking has been in the pipeline for a couple of months so get off the backs of the council because it’s Facebook that keep regenerating it. Support your council they are doing there best in this difficult times.

TONY CLARK: If the council hadn’t been so greedy in the first place perhaps a few more of those empty shops would still be open.

MALCOLM HAYWARD: It ain’t free your all paying extra on council tax for it.