A DAD with only two years to live says he's has been left in limbo by Sainsbury’s after being classed as 'not vulnerable' despite having a serious brain condition.

Nigel Rawlings was diagnosed with progressive bulbar palsy at the end of January.

He has been self-isolating with his wife, Dawn, to avoid catching the coronavirus.

So to get a food delivery he signed up for Sainsbury’s delivery pass which would have entitled him to priority delivery for six months at the cost of £35 as a 'vulnerable person'.

Nigel told the Adver: “We paid Sainsbury’s for the pass only to find out that I am not considered vulnerable.

"I tried for three days to select a delivery date. Every time we were informed the dates were not available.

“I went on to my account to find a message that I was not a vulnerable person yet my doctors and nurses have told me I am and my illness would give me two years of life.”

He added: “I was diagnosed with this awful vile illness at the end of January so I can assume that my details gave not been updated.

“So how do we tell shops we have a problem. I cannot go to the shop but if I did, until I spoke they would think there in nothing wrong with me. So what do people do who like me cannot get a delivery slot.”

The 65-year-old has two children Paul and Sophie.

He said: “We are lucky, we have two adult children who have been able to get a small amount of shopping.

"But now this has changed. My daughter is a key worker and my son has a health condition and we are not sure if my family can cope getting the shopping or if there will be well enough to try and get it.

“What are we supposed to do? I have got so frustrated not being able to contact Sainsbury’s, who we have shopped with for several years.

"This virus is horrific and the people in the UK need to understand that we must take actions now for us to get through the next 12 months.

A spokesperson from Sainsbury’s said: “We’re experiencing extremely high demand for our online delivery service at the moment and are sorry for the inconvenience any long wait times could be causing.”

It added it will be contacting Nigel to help.