A group of primary school teachers recorded a hilarious video for their locked-down students – who responded in kind.

More than a dozen teachers at Seven Fields Primary School in Penhill helped create the video cover of Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder’s 1985 classic Together in Electric Dreams.

The four-minute long tribute was woven together by headteacher and tech whiz Damian Booth from clips sent in by school staff.

Year 3 and 4 teacher Tracy Keye, who stars alongside her spaniel Sam, said the video had reduced some children to tears.

“We got a new headteacher last year and when he started his new assemblies this became a bit of a mantra: we’ll always be together.

“It’s played at the beginning of assembly when the children come in,” she said.

“During the first week of the closure the head suggested 'why don’t we all have a line each, singing this song for the children because it’s familiar to them' and he’d piece it together and post it.

“That’s what we did. We wanted to keep their morale up and encourage thoughts of hope.”

The video was sent out to parents and youngsters last week together with the Penhill primary’s virtual assembly.

Tracy said: “It was our message of hope for the week.”

The video made an impression. Not surprising, perhaps, for a video that featured teachers singing to their pets, playing on video game consoles and pretending to play golf with a brush.

“The parents have said the children have broken down and cried because they’re so emotional,” Tracy said.

“I think it’s the fact they’re seeing us in our normal clothes and doing silly things we wouldn’t normally do.

“It’s obviously a strange time for everyone and children struggle with that a little bit more. We’re all struggling to focus

“We need that connection to keep their morale up.”

What Tracy and her colleagues never expected was for their students to respond in kind. The four minute and 20 second video features Year 2 children – aged around five and six – dancing and singing the lyrics to the song. The video was created by parents of the primary school children. An impressed Tracy said: “The logistics must have taken them ages.”

Closures prompted by the coronavirus pandemic have seen schools across Swindon turn to video conferencing programmes like Zoom to keep in touch with housebound pupils.

Politicians have got in on the act too, with Boris Johnson posting to Twitter a screenshot of his Cabinet ministers on a video call.