ONE Swindon Scout group is not letting coronavirus stop them doing their activities.

Social distancing measures are preventing them meeting up in person, so the Park North-based 19th Swindon Scouts have moved their sessions online.

The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who normally meet at Goddard Park Primary School have started using Zoom for their weekly gatherings.

Cub section leader Nas Orchard said: “We’ve had two so far and they’ve been very successful.

“The Cubs log on at 6pm and I have my uniform on.

“Then we do the Cub promise as we always do, and after that one of the leaders will perhaps start a game. Things like a scavenger hunt to see what items the children can find in their house.”

The group will keep on earning badges, putting on Facebook which badge they’re working towards that week and the criteria for it.

Children are then asked to send in a video or photos of what they’ve done towards it.

Nas added: “We did a cooking badge the other week where the children had to prepare and make food and send in a video or pictures of them doing it.

“The most popular dish was spaghetti bolognese. It worked well and I think all the children enjoyed it,” Nas said.

Anything the children do for their designated daily form exercise can be added towards their physical activity badge.

Nas added: “There’s lots of isolated children at the moment and this is a great way for them to still keeping up with their friends and do something fun outside of any school work.

"And if we get new people join, then they can meet them too.

“The idea just came out of necessity really,” added Nas.

“Necessity is the mother of invention. We also wanted to keep the group going and keep people interested.

"We don’t want this to fall by the wayside during the isolation period.”

The 19th Swindon Scouts are divided into three groups of 25 Beavers aged six to eight, 30 Cubs aged eight to10-and-a-half and 25 Scouts aged up to 14. All the groups are taking part in the online sessions.

Nas added: “We’ve had about a 95 per cent response from the children, so it’s going pretty well.

“We still have to get a few things ironed out as it’s early days but we’ll get there,” said Nas.

Future plans include an organised camping trip where each child goes camping in their own back yard.

Anyone wanting to get involved in the 19th Swindon Scouts’ should contact Nas on 07828 081189.