COVID-19 lock down social isolation is hard for everyone - especially when it means being separated from much-loved children and grandchildren.

Now one family from Warminster have devised a plan to keep their love alive once the government ends the restrictions.

Kate and John Wilkinson, who are receiving help from Alzheimer's Support, said: “Up to lock down we saw our grandchildren Chloe (13) and Matthew (11) two or three times a week.

“Now Chloe helps out with shopping and leaves it at our front door. When she gets to the gate, we open the door, talk and blow kisses.

“One time Chloe said: ‘Don’t worry, we are saving all your cuddles and kisses up and you can have them all when this is over’. And then the cuddle vouchers arrived.

"I think they will work like a loyalty card in that the days spent in isolation will be stamped on the side in return for cuddles!”

John, who was diagnosed with dementia at the end of 2018, is keeping busy during lockdown by doing jigsaws.

Kate also ordered an old copy of The National Songbook for him that he remembers from school.

She said: “He spends hours looking at it and it brings back memories.”

Mr Wilkinson has also enjoyed singing sessions led by Alzheimer's Support in Wiltshire via Zoom.

The couple are also receiving regular phone calls from the charity’s staff to check on their wellbeing and to see if there is anything else they need.