ASTHMA sufferer Prim Gopal was told she had to go home and self-isolate when the spectre of the coronavirus hit the UK.

Determined to use the lockdown productively, she launched a scheme to make face masks and sell them to raise money for the NHS.

And because she knew how fashion conscious young people could be, she made sure the fabric would draw their attention.

Prim, 20, of North Swindon, told the Adver she was inspired by her mum Ranju and sister Meenakshi.

“I was told to self-isolate because of my asthma and I haven’t been able to work but they have been super supportive. It basically means I can’t leave the house so I moved back in with my family during this time," she said.

“My asthma started getting really bad towards the end of 2018 and over the past six month it has been quite severe. Getting the virus has crossed my mind and it is worrying but I’m taking extensive measures, I think it’s unlikely I will get it.

“My mum and sister were making scrub bags for the NHS so that gave me the idea to make masks.”

But Prim wanted to encourage more young people to join her Project Mask On and help to reduce the risk of transmission.

She said: “I ordered some marble fabric because I know people my age like that look. Some patterns or colours of masks aren’t usually appealing to wear.

“Even our local postman, Archie, has agreed to take the parcels to the depot if we leave them outside our front door which is nice of him.”

To get the word out she started her own YouTube channel, PrimNayaZara and filmed a tutorial on how to make the masks. It received more than 700 views.

She said: “I think it’s really sweet that people have been getting involved and supporting me. People have been sharing it and sending me lovely messages.

"The world is in a dark place at the moment so it’s good to see some positivity.

“Supporting the NHS is one of the most important things we should be doing at this time.

"They don’t get enough credit for what they do, although I’m only helping in a little way I think every little helps.”

Over £300-worth of masks have been sold so far and Prim plans to keep going until she reaches her target of £500.