A RUNNER has found a way to go the extra mile for the NHS despite the cancellation of big races around the country.

Surjit Singh, who lives in the town centre, has completed 10 half marathons in 10 weeks, running a race every Sunday.

The 41-year-old said: “To support the NHS normally I would do marathons. I participate in a lot of events, I do a lot of fundraising

“But this year all the events are cancelled so I thought 'let’s do my own challenge'.

“I wanted to challenge myself and do the fundraising at the same time. It’s a really difficult challenge.

“All the gyms are closed so I wanted to continue running in some way.

“I needed the motivation to keep running, if you don’t have any reason to run then you’ll stop doing it.

“This ensured that I continued doing running for at least two months."

Surjit has raised £630 for the NHS with the help of Nationwide, the company he works for.

He added: “I set the target at £500 but it was really just whatever I could raise for the NHS

“Nationwide has been promoting it too so that’s helped a lot. It’s raised a few more pounds.”

But just because he has run 10 half marathons already, it doesn’t mean Surjit will stop now.

“I wanted to time my runs,” Surjit added. “If you don’t keep time, then people don’t take it seriously.

“I will keep running every Sunday to keep track of my times.

“I wanted to do one half marathon a week and on a Sunday morning there are less people outside so it would be safer then.

“And whenever I complete a half marathon I’ve been putting in £5 from myself, so out of the current total I’ve donated £50 of that."

It takes Surjit just over two hours to complete his routes and he is being cheered on by his two daughters, Aashvi and Saanchi.

He said: “They were always happy whenever I used to bring home a new medal.

“All lockdown they’ve been putting rainbows in the window, so they know the importance of the NHS.

“And when I finish they are excited and happy, they are waiting for me so they can take a picture.”

To donate to Surjit’s campaign visit justgiving.com/fundraising/surjit-singh6